Cage-Free Eggs are NOT all the Same

  Have you ever eaten the egg from a true foraging chicken? They are amazing! I let my chickens forage during the day. Although I provide them with very high quality feed, the quality of egg I receive from my chickens when they forage is still far beyond that of the ones using my organic, […]

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The New Chicken Coop

We’re doing a big upgrade for the chickens. Right now they’re housed in a small coop, for which I feel really bad. Their new coop will be a HUGE improvement. Above, you can see the framing for it. The coop is 6 feet by 12 feet and is large enough to hold around 20 chickens. […]

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New Bill Would Tighten Egg Labeling

From: A new bill before Congress would ensure accurate labeling practices for commercial and free-range eggs Call a bubbly wine made in California “champagne,” and you’re asking for legal trouble from the captains of the global wine industry. And if you call a conventionally grown potato “organic,” the enforcement branch of the U.S. Department […]


Free Ranging Your Chickens

I’m a huge fan of the forums and friends at A great article was just written about free-ranging your chickens. I highly recommend the read!

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The Girls in 2012

It’s a new year and a new home, for us and the ladies. They’re using an old rabbit hutch right now until we can build a larger coop to host more ladies. The chickens have been on break from laying during the last few months due to molting and short winter days. The Leghorn did […]