Herbal Tea Garden Seeds (8 easy-to-grow tea herbs)

Growing Your Own Tea

As you all know, I’m very much into growing as much as you can for yourself. My love for my morning tea hasn’t been mentioned on here, but here’s my secret….. I grow my own! I’m a huge fan of My Patriot Supply for their seed collections and their Herbal Tea Garden Collection is no […]

Bees in their new hive


The day has come and with it, our new bees! We’ve had this planned since last year and ordered our package of bees around Thanksgiving. After much anticipation, the day finally arrived to pick up the package of bees. We’re very excited to add bees to our homestead and take one more step toward complete […]

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The New Chicken Coop

We’re doing a big upgrade for the chickens. Right now they’re housed in a small coop, for which I feel really bad. Their new coop will be a HUGE improvement. Above, you can see the framing for it. The coop is 6 feet by 12 feet and is large enough to hold around 20 chickens. […]

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New Bill Would Tighten Egg Labeling

From: http://www.bohemian.com/northbay/eggs-actly/Content?oid=2283106 A new bill before Congress would ensure accurate labeling practices for commercial and free-range eggs Call a bubbly wine made in California “champagne,” and you’re asking for legal trouble from the captains of the global wine industry. And if you call a conventionally grown potato “organic,” the enforcement branch of the U.S. Department […]

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The Girls in 2012

It’s a new year and a new home, for us and the ladies. They’re using an old rabbit hutch right now until we can build a larger coop to host more ladies. The chickens have been on break from laying during the last few months due to molting and short winter days. The Leghorn did […]